123 GIF&JPG Optimizer

123 GIF&JPG Optimizer 3.0

123 GIF & JPG optimizer is used to enhance the quality of JPG and GIF files

BitSoft Development is a software product development company which has few great products to serve the multimedia developers across the globe. Their one software which can be used for compressing GIF and JPG images is called 123 GIF & JPG optimizer. 123 GIF & JPG optimizer is easy to use tool and it also has very good help files available. 123 GIF & JPG optimizer has number of very good options to select from and reduce the size by number of variants to select from. User can select how many percentage reductions in size they are seeking for using 123 GIF & JPG optimizer. 123 GIF/JPG optimizer very easy to install and user can also uninstall this software without any trouble. 123 GIF & JPG optimizer can be very useful for developers who can optimize the loading time of their web pages by reducing the size of images. Though a bit too over priced, 123 GIF & JPG optimizer is a good tool all in all. 123 GIF & JPG optimizer is compatible with most of the windows operating systems; however it is still not available for Mac or Linux machines. 123 GIF & JPG optimizer can so far only deal with GIF and JPG; however BitSoft team is also planning to spread their wings in to BMP and PNG files soon

Manoj Goel
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  • Various options
  • Easy to use
  • Small in size
  • Easy to install


  • Not available free
  • Not available with Mac
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